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About FBC Insurance Services

Based in Scottsdale Arizona, we were established in 1983, and licensed in over 20 states. FBC is one of Arizona’s oldest and largest locally owned Insurance and Benefit Consulting Firms. We have grown to serve the needs of thousands of individuals and over 300 major companies both in Arizona and across the country.

We have earned our reputation as the preeminent service agency by creating the highest standards for performance and ethics in the industry.

Our people are our most valuable resource, each a licensed agent, cross-trained in all aspects of our operation, and committed to helping our clients successfully manage the evolution of insurance and the ongoing challenge of enhancing the value of your insurance premiums through Property & Casualty insurance. We solve the risk puzzle for our client’s personal, commercial, and business insurance needs.



Our Purpose

We help individuals, families, and businesses expand the value of insurance premiums through Property & Casualty insurance  and solve the puzzle of risk management.

Our Vision

To integrate personal lives committed to God into a business devoted to serving our clients.

Our Values

With God’s grace, we will:

  • Strive to lead balanced lives.
  • Keep quality our first priority.
  • Always improve ourselves and our methods.
  • Connect our daily tasks to the overall purpose of our Company.
  • Never compromise our integrity or honesty.